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How To Get Started As a Real Estate Property Scout Working Less Than Part Time Hours!

Welcome to company where good folks make extra money, in their spare time, on their own schedule and with no strings attached.

We are private Real Estate Investors in the business of buying wholesale or discounted properties. We are associated with a national network of similar professionals and have tremendous buying power. Because of this significant buying power, we are constantly evaluating, visiting and photographing an ongoing supply of potential properties.

Our criteria is really quite simple. We're constantly on the lookout for off-market vacant properties or sellers who have a property they need to sell quickly often with NO "For Sale" sign on them. We don't need help finding properties listed with Realtors and we generally don't need help finding properties that are For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Where you fit in is mainly by helping us do "drive-by evaluations" on property leads we provide you. That's it!

All you need is transportation, a digital camera (or smartphone), a little time on your schedule and a desire to make some extra money.

We then buy many of those properties for investment. The good news is, whether we buy the properties you help us with or not, you make money.

Say Hello To company

company is a real estate investment company in location. We specialize in finding off-market properties where the owner is motivated to sell and then we buy them at discount... usually at 30-50% off retail value.

Through our targeted marketing efforts and specialized data tools, company is able to identify off-market properties in the location area and then either hold or re-sell them for a profit.

Making Money As a "Property Scout"

The first way you will make money with us is to do "drive-by evaluations" on leads we provide to you in our lead pool. All you have to do is drive to the property, verify it's vacant if that's the case, take a few pictures and describe its condition based on what you see when you're there. We pay a flat fee per completed evaluation for this lead source.

This truly is some of the quickest, easiest money you can make and, on your schedule!

Making Money as a "Property Scout" In location

You can also make money by finding us "leads" or houses that fit our criteria. We provide all the training and guidance you need, so that you can turn any drive time into potential income.

We'll Set you Up For Success As a Highly Paid Property Scout In the location Area

Once you join our team, you'll get the training you need and guidance on the most effective ways to do drive-by evaluations on the properties we'll provide you. We'll teach you what to look for, how to easily submit your leads and how you'll get paid promptly for your effort.

There are more opportunities for you as a property scout now than ever, and this is why it's so easy to make extra money right now. New leads are coming across our desk all the time, providing you with new opportunities for income on a regular basis. We'll provide you with the leads to evaluate. All you need is transportation, a digital camera or smartphone, and a little time in your schedule.

There is no cost to you to join our team, you make no commitment of production and we provide training and guidance so that you can succeed.

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